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Benefits of wearing a reusable antibacterial face mask

Issuing time:2020-12-09 08:57

Our reusable antibacterial face mask features include elastic earloops with double layers of soft cotton fabrics and one layer of breathable filtration making sure the mask is a snug and comfortable fit, suitable for all day wearing.Many experts including the WHO recommend three layer fabric masks for the general public.Our reusable antibacterial face mask is a premium 3-layer mask that features DuPont Silvadur Silver Ion Antibacterial Technology.Our mask is fully washable and reusable guaranteed up to 50 washes(Intertek Certified).

One reusable antibacterial mask replaces hundreds of disposable masks going into landfill.Using reuable masks not only keeps you safe and saves you money,it prevents unnecessary waste in landfills.

Recent reserch by UCL'S Plastic Waste Innovation Hub found that if every person in UK used one single use face mask each day for a year,it would create 66000 tons of contaminated plastic waste.They also predict that the negative impact towards climate change is ten times higher with disposable face masks,compared with reusable masks.

Reusable antibacterial face masks offer a safe and eco-friendly option to protect you and your community against the transmission of COVID-19 through water droplets in the air.

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